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Special Limited Edition

Recently ‘Schatten der Vernunft’ has also been published in a special limited edition of twenty copies with an original signed artwork for € 495,- only.

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Schatten der Vernunft’, the latest publication from Timmer Art Books, is a unique art book on the artist Jeroen Olthof who lives and works both in Holland and Berlin.

The art metropolis Berlin with its turbulent history is the inspiration behind Jeroen Olthof’s recent work. The title of the book ‘Schatten der Vernunft’ (Shades of Reason) refers to the darker side of rigid ideological thinking that led to the national-socialist dictatorship and the DDR period. Jeroen Olthof himself says: ‘Both originated from excluding the other. That is always a danger. Never more so than now. In essence it is that element that I wanted to highlight through my work’. The book also includes photographs taken by the artist of remarkable places connected to Berlin and Jeroen Olthof shows how these places have led to the art works in the book. By doing so, the book also gives an insight into the working process of the artist.

With the generous support of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Berlin and the Literaturforum im Brecht-Haus, Berlin.

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