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Christoph Tannert

Christoph Tannert on the work of Jeroen Olthof

Jeroen Olthof, painter, sculptor and photographer, depending on his creative and conceptual goals, works with a range of materials including resin, canvas, found objects.

Blue plays a particularly important role in his works on canvas and the effect is a waxy, shining ‘Olthof Sound’ that moves from a melancholic to a hypnotizing calm. His resin and blue pigment on canvas are dripped and poured, layer upon layer, and sometimes he includes scratched indentations. Beneath these shiny surfaces are poetically ordered elements – sound and memory and light – and all interconnecting within the blue.

The work ‘Lichtblick, Berlin’ focuses on aspects of size but also pulses with elements in dialogue. A window-like steel structure, an oval, a little floor object – an aluminium half ball placed on clear polyster resin which gives the impression that it is lit – took shape during Olthof’s residency in Berlin.
Short biography

Jeroen Olthof (born 1958, Steenbergen, the Netherlands) studied under Jan Sierhuis at the Vrije Academie, The Hague and graduated with a teaching degree in Art. Since the early 1980s he has shown his work in several galleries and museums at home and abroad including the UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany and the US. A studytrip to the United States played a significant part in the development of his work and Olthof took part in cultural debates at Harvard University. He is the recipient of several awards and received an honourable mention at the Europaprijs voor de schilderkunst at the Museum voor Moderne Kunst at Ostend, Belgium. He has also received several public commissions. In 2008 he was awarded a residency at the Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben in Berlin and in 2010 at the Guest Studio at ZIN in Vught, the Netherlands. His work is represented in many private and public collections. Jeroen Olthof lives and works in Dordrecht and Berlin.

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